Vax mandates part of a gov't push toward communism

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To The Editor:
Below I have provided my testimony in Concord on the 16th to promote Amendment 2239 to HB255 to ban all forced vaccination in NH. Please hear me out.
I support the Amendment to HB 255. Met a guy the other day who ask me if I was vaccinated? I told him according to HIPPA law I only discuss that with my doctor. Lenin, Soviet dictator is on record of saying that: " Healthcare is the keystone arch of the Communist State." This is the reason for the major push for socialized medicine going on for over a half a century. Just as without the Keystone the arch falls, the Communist state falls without healthcare. I say the keystone arch of American ordered liberty is that both our citizens and our leaders need to obey the Constitution of the United States.
In the summer of 2020 in hundreds of cities we had "anarchy" while state and local authorities for the most part ignored these criminal acts of destructions. Even more a threat to liberty, this year we have had "moral anarchy," Leaders at the Fed/Gov and state level, public servants, both elected and appointed who refuse to obey the Constitution they are sworn too. This flies in the face of Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, that both state and federal offices should obey, that say's, "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress ... the House and the Senate." All means All. It does not mean these powers can be farmed out to bureaucracies like the DHHS, rogue powers that ignore the law of the land.
Now if we taxpayers break a law , it's called a crime and we're punished. If government leaders like the president and our governor, or bureaucratic agencies break the law, why do we not call it what it is, a crime? why do we in NH tolerate such illegitimate agencies with no constitutional authority like DHHS? Forced mass medication is not Americanism , it only repeats Nazi Germany tyranny.
You in the State Legislature are the Checks and Balances critical to our liberty, an inherent responsibility that our Founders placed in your hands for such a time as this. "America did not become great because of what the government did for us, America became great because of what the government was prevented from doing by the Constitution." I urge you to support this amendment. This ever-increasing lust for power and control will not stop itself. The NH legislature must fulfill one of its primary purposes, "Protect our people from federal power that our children and children's children may live in liberty.
- Russ Payne,
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