Trump Republicans are an existential threat, but not marauding invaders?

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To the editor:

Klaxon - Klaxon - Klaxon

Should you find yourself on a military installation, and hear the sound of the Klaxon Siren, followed by a series of people repeatedly yelling KLAXON - KLAXON - KLAXON, at the top of their voices, and see people rapidly moving in different directions and your blood pressure and anxiety haven't peaked, you don't belong there.

Oh! Sorry for the sensitive souls who were frazzled, if the use of the word KLAXON, creates too much anxiety. No sympathy from me.

Wrap your Woke A**ed minds around the realization when this Alarm goes off, and Aircraft Crews are racing towards their aircraft, they know their mission is to reach their intended target.

They realize, from the onset, they are retaliating against those who just killed their families. Yes.

So, are you still placing that Latte, Mocha Macarena order to your Barista?

Yeah, i thought so!

President Biden ( I'm sticking with politeness here ) is allowing, promoting, instigating, calling anyone not parroting the nauseating this "Existential Threat Analysis" (ETA), is a threat to democracy.

Those political "figurines" who call half of the US population terrorists, white supremacists, won't rest until they've managed to offend everyone.

The vulgarity coming out of these "being's" mouths are unprecedented.

Now, illegal, undocumented invaders or whatever they are refereed to as, are being housed on Military Installations. These foreign entities are allowed to storm into the United(?)States, while being gifted with every asset and gadget imaginable.

There's no doubt, they have access to the base in general.

Please humor me, and tell me they're restricted to specific areas.

Military Commanders have't a clue who's there, because, like the Border Patrol, they are being discouraged from investigating, identifying and flushing out the Parasitic Invaders among them.

They (commanders) value upward mobility, through, you guessed it, the "promotion."

Joint Base Cape Cod has had a Convicted Illegal Murderer living there.

I'm Not singling out any particular Country. Not one of these aliens should be within our borders.

Facilities run by Gutless Submissive, Military Commanders, at all levels, who presume they're loyal to some perverted mindset, carry the "Message d'u Jour," to the wide eyed troops.

What would you think could make me think such a thought?

Seeing for myself, Military Commanders greet Hunter Biden getting off Air Force One, as if he's just been named "Airman of the Month" all in a tizzy, is infuriating.

Families often go to the Flight Line, to watch Presidential arrivals, what a "B***h Slap" to the face to our military families. They get to see their Dad, playfully greeting this Pigeon!

Those Army, Marine personnel carrying 160 pounds or more, of gear being channeled into awaiting aircraft to deploy to "God," who knows where. (Sorry to infer God. Not.) The United States Navy, is sitting out on, or under the ocean waiting for someone to make the first move before they can retaliate.

Yet the Media promotes the Squad the Squawkers et all, who chastise America, understand they are talking directly to that person sitting in their Alert Aircraft at the end of the runway waiting to launch.

To uphold their access to shut us up, multiple times a day. They are "Agent Demoralizers."

I recommend they do what the Army and Marines do... Take a Hike!

Meanwhile, back at the White House (ironic?), the "Joint" Chiefs of Staff (infections) are waiting for the coast to be clear, so they can drum out those who may not adhere or instill in their family members adherence to the "New Modern Manifesto."

This letter, below, ran in the Rochester Voice. It related to the recent Telephone Alert message.

I believe, this letter reflects the direction we are heading.

Alert system saw millions messaged in real time; did terrorists get the message, too? - The Lebanon Voice

If you bothered to read the letter above, you should realize our invaders are simply establishing their territorial positions.

The parasites among them, also sit awaiting their own version of the "Klaxon."

- Lou Archambault,


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