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The original 'Taj Mahal' proposal that didn't fly (Courtesy rendering)
To the editor:
Why we were misled in an official letter (2022 Strafford County CAFA Report) stating 'State money would be used first for the new nursing home construction when that could not possibly happen?
The exact time the County found out that the first version of the new nursing home could not be built on their proposed site because wetlands permits required at the least a two-year wait and $600,000 in fees and fines if
moved forward.
Why did the County wait months to disclose this information?
Who made the decision to keep the same architects for the second version, when the first one failed?
Why were both versions based on the county jail concept? Are we incarcerating the sick and elderly or giving them the care they deserve?
Why are we being told that four people share the same bathroom and 43 share the same shower by the same people who have been in charge for 30+ years and have done nothing about this problem in 30 years?
Why didn't the county tell the delegation (the bankers) that a new nursing home could be built for $45 million, But, instead pushed for a 'Taj Mahal' for $200 million?
Why didn't the County listen to their financial adviser who told them this was not a good time to be borrowing so much money ($200 million)?
Why can't we get an honest answer to the $15.3 million dollar forgivable loan cancellation? We had that money and now it is gone!
Why can't we get an honest answer to what we got from spending $2 million in borrowed money that the taxpayers will have to pay back with interest?
Exactly who made these decisions that cost the taxpayers $15.3 million in lost funding and 2 million in borrowed money? Were they elected by us or unelected bureaucrats... or both?
Why is the county now waiting until after the next election to act? They have been stalling now for two years when we could have made substantial headway and possibly even had a new nursing home for our elderly by now?
Why won't the powers that be call for a public meeting to get this all out on the table so that we may learn from our mistakes and move forward?
Why are they so afraid of a public "finding of fact" investigation? We are out $17.3 million dollars and we have a right to know exactly what happened, exactly who is responsible, and why?
As Strafford County citizens we have a right to transparency and a right to know exactly what is going on in our county government.
No more secrets!!
- Cliff Newton,
State Rep and candidate
for County Commissioner,

The following is a breakdown of the GOFERR timeline received on June 4, 2024 The Program In the fall of 2022, the Governor's Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery (GOFERR) solicited applications from the state's county-owned nursing homes to make infrastructure improvements. The awards, to be given in the form of forgivable loans, would be capped at 40% of eligible project expenditures, with the county covering the remaining 60% or more of project costs. All counties were eligible to apply, and GOFERR made $50 million in ARPA SFRF available over two application rounds. Round 1 of application review was competitive, whereas
Round 2 was non-competitive.
Strafford County
Below is the CNHIP application and award/forgivable loan timeline for Strafford County (SC). (Please note: reporting, reimbursement requests, other housekeeping items are not included in this timeline.)
September 9, 2022
Application Received- SC emailed CNHIP application to GOFERR to build a new 215 bed facility in Dover, N.H., with a total project cost of $170 million October 11, 2022 No Funding Notice-Round 1- Following Round 1, GOFERR sent SC no funding notice via email, indicating that their application would automatically be included for consideration in Round 2
October 13, 2022
Request For Reconsideration Received - SC emailed GOFERR a request for reconsideration of its Round 1 No Funding Decision
October 17, 2022
Decision on Request for Reconsideration Sent - GOFERR sent SC it's decision denying the request for reconsideration due to automatic inclusion of applications in Round 2 of applications denied funding in Round 1
December 27, 2022
Award Notice-Round 2 - Following Round 2, GOFERR sent SC award notice via email
in the amount of $15,353,548
January-February 2023
Award/Loan Drafting- Due to several considerations (size and cost of the overall project, anticipated overall project, anticipated overall project completion date, and ARPA obligation and expenditure deadlines), GOFERR and SC worked closely to draft a forgivable loan tied to a construction milestone within the larger project.
February 21, 2023
Timeline Received- Per GOFERR's request SC provided a construction/expenditure timeline showing when the project will complete agreed- upon milestone that coincides with SC's 60% match contribution. This document was included and incorporated by reference as part of SC's forgivable loan
March 8, 2023
Gov. & Council Approval - Governor & Executive Council approved of SC's CNHIP award in the form of a forgivable loan in the amount of $15,353,548 effective through 9/30/2024
August 11, 2023
Rochester Voice publishes article about unveiling of "scaled back" SC nursing home project
September 2023
GOFERR alerted to Rochester Voice and Foster's articles indicating there were potentially material changes to the project scope. Since SC award with GOFERR tied to project as originally approved, would necessitate action on GOFERR's part.
October 18, 2023
GORERR & SC Call - Call to discuss impact of material changes in scope, particularly the need to amend loan agreement and seek Governor & Council approval of amended agreement. Material changes: new design with smaller square footage, but additional levels/stories, and a change of location/site for the new facility.
October 19, 2023
GOFERR Email to SC - GOFERR email to SC recapping conversation of 10/18 requesting new plans to allow GOFERR to see how project has changed and whether amendment would be necessary
November 2023
GOFERR & SC Call - GOFERR confirmed with SC that the changes in project plan would require an amendment to the existing loan because existing loan was tied to the project as originally approved. SC indicated that the County Delegation had not yet approved funding for the new design, that they would be holding a vote on 12/20/2023.
It was decided that an amendment would be put on hold until after the vote since a "no" vote on 12/20/2023 by the County Delegation would render the need for an amendment moot. GOFERR conveyed that, if the design was not approved, ARPA funding might necessarily be cancelled because a) the loan no longer applies to the project, and b) the project is back at the design phase, with no approved design, they would likely not be able to meet the necessary ARPA deadlines.
December 21. 2023.
GOFERR & SC Call/Communication - GOFERR learned from SC the new project design was not approved by the County Delegation at the meeting the night before. GOFERR staff asked whether there was a possibility of another vote in the next couple of months- SC contacts sounded doubtful, but said they planned to have meetings following the Christmas holiday and would check in with GOFERR after the New Year.
January 2024
GOFERR & SC Check- in - SC indicated that no movement had been made on the design. The County Delegation had held a meeting and it was clear that a portion of thedelegation remained opposed to moving forward with the project. Certain members of the delegation sent a letter to that effect to SC, which SC staff, at GOFERR's request, forwarded to GOFERR.
February 2024
GOFERR & SC Check-in - SC indicated no movement made on the design. Another letter was sent to SC opposing the design being approved and stating that the project would be done for a lot less money, which SC staff, at GOFERR's request, forwarded to GOFERR
Mid March 2024
GOFERR & SC Call- GOFERR requested call with SC staff to gather more information and provided notification that the information provided would determine whether the loan would have to be cancelled.
March 29, 2024
Loan Cancellation Sent- As a result of the information provided by SC to GOFERR midMarch, it was determined that loan cancellation was appropriate. A notice of loan cancellation was sent to SC on 3/29/2024
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