In cahoots with the government, can Facebook save face?

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"The Monkey and the Cat is best known as a fable adapted by Jean de La Fontaine under the title Le Singe et le Chat that appeared in the second collection of his Fables in 1679 (IX.17). . . .In La Fontaine's telling, Bertrand the monkey persuades Raton the cat to pull chestnuts from the embers amongst which they are roasting, promising him a share. As the cat scoops them from the fire one by one, burning his paw in the process, the monkey gobbles them up. They are disturbed by a maid entering and the cat gets nothing for its pains. It is from this fable that the French get their idiom Tirer les marrons du feu, meaning to act as someone's dupe or, deriving from that, to benefit from the dirty work of others. It is also the source of the English idiom 'a cat's paw', defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as 'one used by another as a tool." [Wikipedia]
The White House has finally admitted to colluding with Facebook on anti-vaccination research and opinion posts. Psaki stated in a press conference that they have created a list of people identified as targets--those who do not agree with their narrative. Psaki also stated that those on the list are people who the White House claims are disseminating "misinformation".
It is obviously the Biden White House and more than likely Dr. Fauci (who hid all evidence of the source of Covid coming from the Lab in Wuhan) who are deciding what the American people should hear. There have been reputable scientists and doctors whose opinions and videos have been taken down on Facebook. When the monkey (government) persuades the cat (Facebook) to do its bidding, how can anyone deny that the violator of free speech is the Biden Administration?
If we cannot hear all voices, how do we know what is true and what is false? In my opinion, this is one more Orwellian action on the part of the Democratic Party and its leadership.
In the past, social media avoided being sued for violations of free speech because they are not "the government" and are free to censor political opponents. Now Facebook and the government are acting in concert. Facebook is doing the bidding of the Biden Administration. This should scare every American citizen--Democrat, Republican or Independent.
Government collusion does not end there; and, in fact, occurred just over our border in Massachusetts during the 2020 Republican Primary. William F. Galvin, his staff and Twitter acted in concert to silence Dr. Shiva Ayyadural in the primary election and his bid to defeat Senator Markey in the general election.
Dr. Shiva has ongoing legal action pending against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Second Amendment as well as voter integrity charges. [Case 1:20-cv-12080-MLW Filed 11/30/2020 in U.S. District Court for Massachusetts] The court ruled in Dr. Shiva's favor in two previous cases which have allowed him to continue his pursuit for free speech and voter integrity. The ongoing litigation may or not result in him prevailing. What is important is that he has documentary court testimonial evidence given under oath establishing the fact that there are links between the Massachusetts government and Twitter.
That testimony given under oath states confirms that Twitter has built a special portal offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason, as part of what they call "Twitter Partner Status."
All of his life, Dr. Shiva who is an MIT PhD with four degrees from MIT and the inventor of email (for which he received a sizable court settlement after he sued a Tech company), had no interest in politics or the political establishment until 2016 when he voted for President Trump because he saw Trump as a disruptor who was neither a Republican nor a Democrat.
Dr. Shiva shared on Twitter screen shot messages from William F. Galvin's office stating that ballot images were destroyed. Those ballot images were utilized in determining the election outcome. Dr. Shiva believes that is in violation of Federal Law. Galvin and his staff contacted Twitter and requested that Dr. Shiva's truthful and damning Tweets of those screen shots of emails from Galvin's office be removed. Twitter banned Dr. Shiva during the primary election using the pretext of "election disinformation".
We are in a real struggle for our independence and Constitutional rights. The Government at the Federal and State levels is colluding with social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook to censor opposition to their narrative and political agenda. Our Republican leadership seems inept and are not protecting our rights. How deep is the swamp? Might Trump and his lawsuit may be our only salvation?

Cheryl Russell is a former high school teacher and 30-year employee with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She lives in Dover.

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